5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Use a Medical Laundry Services Instead of Trying to do it In House

medical nurse helping patient

Medical Laundry Service vs. In-House Laundry

Are you contemplating whether your business should invest in a medical laundry service or just attempt to clean your linen and uniform products in-house?

We have a list of reasons why choosing a medical laundry service is more beneficial for your business’s wallet and bottom line.

  • Instead of purchasing expensive, high powered cleaning machinery, to launder your medical products in-house, your business can spend the money on other important machines in the medical facility. These may include computers, X-rays, and other scanning machinery.
  • Instead of having your employees take the time out of their day to wash linens, they can spend it on providing your medical clients with quality customer care or by assisting physicians and other professionals in taking care of the business.
  • You do not have to purchase the linens, uniforms, or towels in bulk when starting the business, just pay for your affordable laundry service fees.
  • When your laundry service has a healthcare certification, such as OSHA, HLAC, MEDtegrity, CSCNetwork, TRSA, and TRSA certified Clean Green, you know they are being laundered to the highest standards in the industry.
  • Instead of taking up an entire room with machinery and having employees working on the in-house projects continuously, you may find other functions for that space such as a supplemental surgical room, in-patient room, waiting room, or even physician’s office space.

MedClean is the company to contact when you are looking for a qualified medical laundry service. We are accredited with many of the healthcare certifications (OSHA, HLAC, MEDtegrity, CSCNetwork, TRSA, and TRSA certified Clean Green) and make sure to provide your business with the cleanest products. Contact us now for a quote on our quality service today by calling us at 800-464-6334!