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Outpatient Surgical & Care Centers

Customized Laundry Programs for Outpatient Surgical Centers

Outpatient surgical and care centers have grown significantly and are crucial to any healthcare system. Your services are in demand, and patients and staff are always coming and going; all the while, competitors are cropping up left and right. Providing patients with excellent care is your top priority, and you need linen, apparel, and environmental services supplies to help you stand out. Don’t let laundry management become an unnecessary headache.

MedClean is dedicated to providing you with the best comprehensive products and services for your unique linen and apparel needs. Whether you specialize in women’s health, oncology, orthopedics, or other specialties, we work with your key staff to create a customized program for you. We’ll help you monitor inventory and manage your linens and garments accordingly, ensuring you have simple ways to make adjustments based on patient capacity and more. We are experts at helping our partners transition from on-site laundry or other programs and helping you manage costs, freeing up staff so they can provide the very best experiences for your patients.

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The Right Mix of Products for You

Outpatient centers require a diverse range of linen, apparel, and environmental services supplies to cater to the various needs of patients and staff. We offer high-quality hospital bed linens, patient gowns, scrubs, towels, and more to give you one comprehensive resource for these items. You’ll also find a selection of entrance and floor mats, microfiber mops, and other PPE products to keep your staff and patients safe.

Healthcare Linens

Our healthcare linens include fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, draw sheets, and blankets that provide comfort and warmth in your patient rooms. We also offer various towel options to meet your and your patients' needs.

Patient Apparel

We offer a wide range of patient apparel, including IV gowns, exam gowns and jackets, children’s gowns, and more, in a variety of sizes to ensure a high degree of comfort and modesty to ensure your patients’ comfort.

Employee Apparel

Impressions matter, and ensuring your staff maintains a crisp, clean, professional, identifiable look is critical to making a great impression on your patients. We offer a variety of employee apparel to meet the needs of your clinic, including:

  • Scrubs & Warm-Up Jackets
  • Doctor Coats
  • Lab Coats

Environmental Services Supplies

Your patients, staff, and visitors want a great experience in your facilities. Elevate cleanliness and hygiene, from patient rooms to restrooms, with our comprehensive solutions for environmental services. We offer:

  • Restroom supplies
  • Floor Mats
  • Mops
  • PPE

Choose Quality. Choose MedClean.

Your staff should be focusing on patients, not laundry management. When you work with MedClean, you’re freeing your staff from the time-consuming headache of managing linen and apparel inventory.

Our comprehensive offering is designed with you, your staff, and your patients in mind. We save you time, effort, and money by providing consistent weekly deliveries customized to your unique needs. Our dedication to cleanliness, comfort, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for healthcare facilities.

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Independent Linen and Laundry Provider

Independent Linen and Laundry Provider

MedClean is your trusted independent linen and laundry partner, offering tailored solutions to manage your medical facility's linen and laundry inventory efficiently.

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Hygienically Clean

Certified Hygienically Clean

The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) was formed to ensure healthcare laundry providers follow strict standards to increase patient safety. We’re proud of our HLAC Accreditation. Our linen and apparel are washed, sanitized, packaged, delivered, and documented according to strict HLAC standards.

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Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We promise excellent customer service to make your experience with MedClean smooth, dependable, and tailored to your needs. Your dedicated service team ensures complete, on-time deliveries with the expertise to help you adjust your inventory based on your current needs and the power to solve any issues quickly and seamlessly. 

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Quality Products

Quality Products

We are proud to provide high-quality products to help your medical facility maintain its promised standard of care. Our diverse selection will accommodate all your linen, apparel, and environmental service supply needs regardless of your healthcare specialty. 

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