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Premium Floor Mats for Healthcare

Prevent Infection for Your Healthcare Facility

Enhance patient safety and maintain required health and hygiene standards with medical floor mats from MedClean. Our comprehensive mat rental service offers an all-in-one solution to reduce the risks of slips significantly, falls, cross-contamination, and infections—common challenges healthcare settings face without proper floor mat solutions.

By choosing MedClean for your mat rental needs, you ensure a safer environment for patients and staff, alleviate the burden of managing mat logistics, and eliminate the worry of maintaining mats. Our service includes:

  • Prompt delivery
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Regular maintenance
  • A flexible replacement schedule

Our extensive selection of high-quality medical floor mats is designed to meet the specific needs of various areas within your facility, from operating rooms to laboratories, ensuring optimal safety and hygiene. Partnering with MedClean, a leader in providing specialized mat rental services for the healthcare industry, means choosing a partner dedicated to supporting your mission of care with products that address the unique challenges of medical environments.

Key Features of Our Medical Floor Mat Program

Classic Mats

  • Slip-resistant scraper entry mats
  • Durable entry mats certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Builds your brand by adding your logo to entrance floor mats.
  • Makes a lasting impression on your patients and visitors, showcasing professionalism and commitment to safety.

Entrance Mats

  • Versatile classic mats designed to trap dirt and enhance cleanliness in various areas of your healthcare facility.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • Long-lasting mats reduce fatigue and offer comfort and support, creating a safer and more ergonomic workplace.

Choose Quality. Choose MedClean.

Your staff should be focusing on patients, not environmental supply management. When you work with MedClean, you’re freeing your staff from the time-consuming headache of managing linen inventory.

We offer more than just healthcare linen; our comprehensive offering is designed with you, your staff, and your patients in mind. We save you time, effort, and money by providing consistent weekly deliveries customized to your unique needs. Our dedication to cleanliness, comfort, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for healthcare facilities.

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Independent Linen and Laundry Provider

Independent Linen and Laundry Provider

MedClean is your trusted independent linen and laundry partner, offering tailored solutions to manage your medical facility's linen and laundry inventory efficiently.

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Hygienically Clean

Certified Hygienically Clean

The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) was formed to ensure healthcare laundry providers follow strict standards to increase patient safety. We’re proud of our HLAC Accreditation. Our linen and apparel are washed, sanitized, packaged, delivered, and documented according to strict HLAC standards.

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Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

We promise excellent customer service to make your experience with MedClean smooth, dependable, and tailored to your needs. Your dedicated service team ensures complete, on-time deliveries with the expertise to help you adjust your inventory based on your current needs and the power to solve any issues quickly and seamlessly. 

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Quality Products

Quality Products

We are proud to provide high-quality products to help your medical facility maintain its promised standard of care. Our diverse selection will accommodate all your linen, apparel, and environmental service supply needs regardless of your healthcare specialty. 

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Our Commitment
To You.

Our customized programs are designed to solve your linen and garment challenges with high-quality, hygienically clean products delivered on time, every time.

That’s a MedClean Promise.

The MedClean Advantage

  • 1

    Fully Managed Mat Programs

    Our fully managed floor mat program encompasses various mat solutions, a dedicated representative, and laundering practices that exceed industry standards.

  • 2

    Infection Prevention

    Prioritize staff and patient safety with our slip-resistant mats that trap dirt at the source. Our laundering processes adhere to strict infection prevention measures.

  • 3

    Logo Customization

    Adding your logo to entrance floor mats will promote your brand while ensuring a professional and safe environment.

  • 4

    Comprehensive Healthcare Facility Programs

    You can integrate MedClean's medical floor mats into your fully managed healthcare linen rental and laundry programs. Your dedicated RSR ensures consistent inventory and quality and is always available to answer questions.

Your Partner in Safety and Hygiene

Experience the convenience of a fully managed safety and hygiene program with MedClean. You can trust us to be an extension of your team, ensuring a consistently clean and professional facility.