MedClean Values and Vision: Our Strength is in People

MedClean Values

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford

MedClean has, without a doubt, come a long way from its first days in the Chicago basement of our founder, Mickey Georgadis. Several decades, four generations, and countless satisfied clients later, the vision remains the same: to be the company everyone wants to do business with. And to achieve this vision, we rely on the relationships we build and the people we work with.

Our Strength is in People

Our entire operation revolves around people. In our desire to be the best, we make sure to work with the best. We hire people with intention. We train them not only how to run our operations or to keep up shop; our training involves in-depth learning on how to take care of customers, meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and develop a sense of yearning for excellence. This winning mindset will see them through within our company as well as in life.

We maintain the highest values for everyone we work with, inside and outside our company:

  1. Mutual respect for all
  2. Fair treatment for everyone across different ranks
  3. Open and honest communications
  4. Honoring of commitments and obligations
  5. Responsibility and accountability for our actions

We maintain the golden rule in our core values: we treat others the way we want to be treated.

We Have Relationships, Not Customers

Our 90-year longevity in a tight and often brutal industry is not built on names on a list: it is built on relationships that we have made and maintained over the years. As a family business, this has been our competitive edge: the ability to build lasting relationships with the businesses that we work with.

And with the same values, we maintain the highest sense of respect for our clients by ensuring that we:

  1. Safely deliver quality products
  2. Provide great value at all levels
  3. Listen to our customers
  4. Deliver services and goods that comply with the highest standards in the industry and the law
  5. Continually strive to perfect our services
  6. Deliver results every single time

This is the core of our operation. Our success and journey toward achieving our vision of being the best in the textile rental industry is anchored on our values and the relationships that make it work.  

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